Chief Technology Officer

Description: Sicuro Commercial Broker - Dubai - 1. Formulate company development strategy, annual business plan and budget plan. 2. Fully manage the company's R&D and technical support work, and be fully responsible for the overall operation of the technical level, including software R&D, project implementation, sales support and technical management; 3. Plan the company's technological development route and new product development, realize the company's technological innovation goals, and timely understand and supervise the execution situation of the technological development strategic plan; 4. Ensure the market leadership of the company's technology, products and solutions, and lead the company's technological development direction and technological progress; 5. Participate in the decision-making of major technical projects, guide and review the overall technical plan of the project, and conduct quality assessment of each project; 6. Cultivate the company's technical team, supervise and guide the work of the technical de... - Permanent - Full-time

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