Planning Leader

Description: Al Batha Holding LLC - Dubai - - Forecasting: o Calculating the demand forecasting through, § Analyzing the item demand patterns based on historical data § Using ABC analysis to differentiate the segments of the items § Different statistical and forecasting models and techniques and being able to make comparisons to select the most suitable one o Comparing and if necessary, adjusting the calculated forecast based on external factors o Factoring in the trend, season, promotions, and product life cycle to the calculated forecasts - Inventory planning: o Being able to calculate the order level through different inventory methods based on forecast models o Identifying the customer service levels and safety stock levels by collaborating with Unit/Sales Managers o Calculating the optimum order levels based on supplier related parameters (lead times, minimum order quantity, shipments) and forecasted demand o Being able to adjust the order amounts based on changes on the supplier and demand parameters ... - Permanent - Full-time

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