Recruitment Consultant

Description: Mindfield Resources - Dubai - Let’s start by telling you about life at Mindfield before you click on the apply button…trust me if shortlisted we will ask more questions around this than anything else. At Mindfield we have shared some passions, passions like animals...specially dogs, sports majorly ruled by cricket, football, a new found passion for Golf and Djembe drums. Everyone has their unique skill as well…while one dances very well there are some on the team with two left feet .Some read & some read only resumes! We come together to create a beautiful rainbow of diversity of thought and perspective which keeps us learning and evolving every day. Considering the width and depth of work that we do across 30+ countries from Dubai …we need to operate on high levels of agility and EQ. As we say internally we need a specific brand of “crazy”. So if you have that specific streak of passion that borders on maniacal and there is a reason for that… You would fit into the company culture! You would derive enormous pleasu... - Permanent - Full-time

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