Fragrances Evaluator - Fabric Care - MENA

Givaudan - Dubai - Fragrances Evaluator - Consumer Products: Fabric Care - Middle East & North Africa A Creative Fragrances Evaluator for our Middle East and North Africa Fragrances Consumer Products Evaluation team at Givaudan and fully focussing on the Fabric Care category, and based in our Dubai office - Your future position? Our senses step into gear from the moment we wake up in the morning until we turn in for the night. The consumer grooming and cleaning regimen intersects with Personal Care, Home & Air care, Fabric care, Oral Care, and Active Beauty products, with fragrance at the core of every experience. Givaudan Consumer Products (CPs) are, more often than not, responsible for carrying you through the olfactive journey of your day. Givaudan’s CP teams are present in every region of the world. Years of experience have resulted in an innate knowledge of consumer preferences depending on the segment and geographical location. Our CP teams work together to create the success that Givaudan th...

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