FF - Operation Executive / Customer Service

Maxx Logistics - Dubai - Specific Duties and Responsibilities for: FF - Operations / CUSTOMER SERVICE: The FF operations play an important role in managing the distribution of weight and safety planning for freight through different sources. Coordinating relationships among the land route, shipping company and drivers is a primary duty of an FFOA. He oversees the loading of freight as scheduled and arranged by the shipper. He must know the transportation schedules for the Land /Air /Sea to coordinate loading and unloading of freight. Communicating these processes with the engineer is also important since the engineer manages transportation. The conductor keeps track of a lot of data related to the transportation of goods. Along with tracking all vehicles, he must maintain records of shipment that document what was onboard a vehicle, what time it was loaded and what time it was unloaded. Recording routine safety checks help to prevent accidents and injuries. She also maintains crew schedules for employees w...

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