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2D Animator

Job Position: 2D Animator
Job Description: 7G Media - Dubai - 2D animators focus on creating characters, backgrounds, and scene transitions, bringing creative ideas and concepts to life. Job duties of 2D animators revolve around designing and producing images; they include: Producing special effects and action graphics Creating frames and characters Designing advertisements and websites Inking- Coloring Be creative and artistic Have drawing skills (and sculpting skills for stop frame animation using clay) In addition, 2D animators must work with art directors, artists, editors, and producers to create their final designs so interpersonal skills are required. They work closely with their co-workers and clients to ensure they deliver a great final product. Skills Skills 2D animators begin their designs with a pencil and paper and use the latest technology to create their final designs. 2D animators must have a thorough understanding of computer programs such as: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Fla…