Assistant Marina Manager

Black & Grey HR - Dubai - -Efficiently managing all operations staff, organizing shifts, allocating tasks, and supervising work and security. -Ensuring that all routines, systems, and check-lists are properly maintained and/or executed. -Complying with the Health & Safety Policy and with generally recognized good working practices and seeing that others do so. -Maximizing occupancy and revenue through effective allocation of berths and storage areas -Issuing Application Forms, Berthing Contracts, Bank Standing Orders etc. and generally administering berth records and documentation. -Ensuring marina cleanliness and hygiene. -Ensuring that the pontoons, quays, equipment and outdoor facilities are clean, safe and well maintained. -Complying with company regulations regarding dress and expected modes of behaviour and offering a personal and personable service to customers in order to enhance the reputation. -Familiarising himself with the duties of the Marina -Manager in order that he can, if required, ac...

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