Part Time Sales Lady

I Serena Trading L.L.C - Dubai - Fade up from little, stable salary? Green hands on market but want to earn forturne? Experienced and ambitious on UAE market but don't have chance? Want to work on your own but no money and don't know how? Welcome to "I SERENA TRADING L.L.C", a professional platform for you to make a difference! Guide you step by step to success! Work Condition: It is a part time work which combines selling, marketing and most advanced E-commerce sale system together. Sales can do export selling, local selling, online selling, with excellent payment and professional guidance. Products Details: I Serena Graphene Anionic Sanitary Napkin. I Serena Wrinkle Removal Root Solution Eye Cream. Anti-Blue Ray Toner. (each product is unique and high quality with affordable price) Salary and Commission Range: 1000~3000+ Dhs/Monthly (Salary and commission will differ from your selling ability)...

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