Patient & Specialist Advisor

Dubai - Job Description Duties: a. Ensure that the Day Care Unit's daily and monthly revenue targets as set by the company from time to time are consistently met; b. Provide clients with a well-structured and knowledgeable consultation, including the basic features and benefits of all Treatments/Surgeries; c. Consistently upsell and cross-sell products / treatments / surgeries to all clients; d. Participate in the company's marketing activities and events (e.g.: Exhibitions, Conferences, Gatherings, etc.) across the country, and coordinate with the various departments of the company in this respect; e. Attend such events, conferences, gatherings, exhibitions and network with attendees with a view to developing new business opportunities (even if these events fall on weekends or otherwise outside working hours); f. Identify potential events, conferences, gatherings, exhibitions where the company's participation may lead to new business development opportunities; g. Create and find sale...

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